We are Katharina and Laura - the founders of TheCode Cosmetics.

Beauty and especially skincare has always played a crucial role in our everyday life and over the years it developed into a real passion. We constantly exchanged tips and recommendations of the newest products, upcoming trends and innovative ingredients. Because our goal has always been the same: healthy, radiant and beautiful skin. 

At first glance, it may appear that we quite look alike. However, we quickly realized that if we take a closer look at our skin, it’s conditions and needs - the realization quickly came - we have completely different skin types and thus fundamentally different needs when it comes to skincare.

So we continued to dig deeper and began a more in-depth research on what it is that our skin needs in order to finally crack the code to beautiful skin. We discovered that in addition to using suitable products for each of us, a crucial factor on the way to achieve healthy and beautiful skin is the right combination of products and ingredients within one's skincare routine. To continue, we were looking for high-quality products, with clean and predominantly natural formulations. Yet it was paramount for us to find products that can deliver real visible results. It was not long until we realized, what we were looking for, does not exist...

And that's how TheCode Cosmetics was born.

TheCode Cosmetics combines nature with innovation & science, in order to provide you with a fully customized skincare routine. To compile your personalized skincare-set we use artificial intelligence built around a complex algorithm that will deliver you a perfectly matching skincare routine for your individual skin type and its specific needs. Thus, TheCode Cosmetics finally fulfills our desire for each of us to find their perfect skincare routine. 

The future of Skincare, from us to you!

With us, you crack TheCode to perfect skin.

TheCode Cosmetics is revolutionizing the beauty industry and is becoming your one-stop skincare brand for personalized skincare.

With TheCode Cosmetics, you too can put an end to frustrating mispurchases of the wrong products and countless trial & error when trying to find the right skincare routine for you. By integrating smart science and artificial intelligence into our unique questionnaire, we are able to determine which are the best-suited products and ingredient combinations for your individual skin.

Everyone’s skin is unique – and so are its needs. TheCode Cosmetics offers you a unique customer experience - with which you can find exactly the skincare routine that best suits you and your skin. With your personalized skincare-set, you’ll finally be able to achieve your skincare goals and crack TheCode to perfect skin. 

TheCharity - TheCode supports Vucjak Shelter

With every sale we donate to an animal shelter in Serbia.

Doing good together.

It has always been one of our drivers to give back, especially to the most vulnerable and to do good with our own start-up. Thus, we made it part of our mission to donate 1€ from every sale of our individual products and 2.50 € from every sale of one of our skincare-sets to the Vucjak Shelter in Serbia.

You can follow Dejan and his work here: @vucjakshelter

the future of skincare

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