Personalized for you!

TheSkinthusiast-Set for your complete bespoke skincare routine and maximum results with 5 products.

€195.00instead of€273.00


Personalized for you!

TheStarter-Set for your bespoke skincare routine with 3 products. Perfectly suitable for all skincare-minimalists and beginners.

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TheHydrator Serum

Hyaluron x SYN®-AKE

Hydrating hyaluron serum replenishes moisture content for visibly plump skin and an intense anti-aging effect.


TheDefender Serum

Vitamin C x Astaxanthin

Highly potent antioxidant serum provides defense from free radicals while offering an intense anti-aging effect.


TheExfoliator Serum


Skin-renewing serum exfoliates built-up layers of dead skin, and cleanses the pore from within while providing a radiant glow.


TheJelly Cleanser

Electrolytes x Aloe Vera

Hydrating cleansing gel with electrolytes, caffeine and aloe vera juice to strengthen the skin barrier for a flawless complexion.


TheSilky Moisturizer

Niacinamide x SYN®-TC

Hydrating moisturizer with an intense anti-aging as well as balancing effect on oily and combination skin.


TheNoMilk Cleanser

Oat Extract x Jojoba Oil

Nourishing cleansing lotion with probiotic ingredients to cleanse the skin gently while strengthening its natural barrier.


ThePerfector Serum

Bakuchiol x Retinol

Skin-renewing serum with squalane oil fights wrinkles and blemishes for a clear and even complexion.


TheVelvety Moisturizer

Ceramide x SYN®-HYCAN

Deeply nourishing moisturizer for an even complexion and an intensely hydrating effect on normal to dry skin.


TheIlluminator Serum

Niacinamide x Tranexamic Acid

Highly concentrated power serum reduces hyperpigmentation and blemishes for a more radiant and even complexion.



Must-have skincare essential

Our velcro TheHairband is the must-have for your TheCode Skincare routine! Flexibly adjustable with practical velcro closure.


the future of skincare

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