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TheCode Cosmetics revolutionizes the skincare market! 

Did you know, that more than 80% of all people surveyed combine conflicting skincare products? This can lead to either a neutralization of efficacy of your products or worse – even cause skin damages. This is one of the reasons, why a majority of people never attain their skincare goals. Thus, we have made it our mission, to end this problem – once and for all! 

With the help of our intelligent algorithm, you can now get your own, personalized skincare-set, that is tailored to your skin and its needs. Our cleanical (clean + clinically-proven) formulations have an extraordinary high efficacy while consisting of natural organic and innovative ingredients.
Your pathway to beautiful, healthy skin only takes 3 minutes! Take our TheQuiz, which is our algorithm that asks you specific and skin related questions, regarding your skins needs and your skincare goals. After you have finalized TheQuiz, you will get your very own skin analysis as well as two options for your personalized skincare-set. TheSkinthusiast-Set with 5 products or TheStarter-Set with 3 products. Check it out now!
It is our aim to develop and produce products of the highest quality and maximum efficacy, while at the same time respecting strict moral and ethical standards. All our products are "Made in Germany", vegan, cruelty-free and contain no harmful ingredients. All this is underlined by our careful selection of the best ingredients. Regional sourcing, raw materials from certified organic cultivation and no unnecessary filling materials or preservatives, but the best possible proportion of highly effective ingredients are paramount for the quality standards of TheCode Cosmetics.

Our Values
  1. High quality of the formulations
  2. High proportion of active ingredients
  3. Without questionable ingredients
  4. Made in Germany
  5. Vegan
  6. Cruelty-Free
  7. Perfume-free
  8. Smart science
In the EU, natural, organic cosmetics is not a uniform term and the exact definition differs with the respective certification bodies.

We have deliberately decided not to become a pure natural cosmetics brand, because it is our aim to produce skincare products that can also deliver actual, visible changes. In the field of natural cosmetics, these changes cannot be achieved to the same extent as with our product approach. Therefore, our brand falls into the category cleanical (clean & clinically-proven).

We use up to 98% raw materials of natural and certified organic origin, but also consciously certain active ingredients such as peptides, which are not natural cosmetics but can bring said desired changes.
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TheCode products
Of course! Skincare, especially at TheCode Cosmetics, does not know any gender, age, sex etc. 

We have even received the feedback by many men, that they have particularly enjoyed receiving a perfectly matching skincare-set, just by filling in our TheQuiz. So that they could get the skin they have wished for, minus the struggle and headache.
We are officially “Free of P’s”! But what does that mean?

Behind this claim there is a group of ingredients that, after careful scientific research, we have decided all TheCode products will be free of. 

Our 6 P's:
  1. Phenoxyethanol (preservatives)
  2. Parabens (preservatives)
  3. Paraffins (petroleum distillates)
  4. PEGs (emulsifiers)
  5. Perfumes (and other fragrances)
  6. Phthalates (plasticizers)
But that is not it - our products are also free from silicones, sulfates, mineral oil, preservatives, colorings, fragrances, microplastics, animal ingredients, hormonally effective raw materials. Learn more.
Of course – all our products are vegan and cruelty-free! We believe that no animal should suffer, especially not for consumer goods/cosmetics. 

For the European union, luckily it is prohibited by law, to test cosmetic products on animals. However, in some places of the world, in order to be able to sell your cosmetics products, you have to have them tested on animals – and we will never sell our products in regions, where that is mandatory! 

By the way, we donate to Vucjak Shelter in Serbia, with every sale we make. Want to learn more? Click here.
We have consciously made the decisions to make all of our products perfume free, as perfumes are potential allergens and can cause irritation. Our products are up to 98% made from natural, organic raw materials such as cold-pressed organic-grade argan oil or natural oat extract. Thus, our products smell mostly neutral or slightly after the contained, natural ingredients.

We celebrate nature and naturalness and are happy to be able to bring them right into your home, with our products.
Yes. All of our products are formulated without potential irritants or harmful ingredients. Rather, our products are focused on strenghthening your natural skin barrier and especially on supporting a healthy microbiome of your skin.
Our skin is the largest organ of the human body – and it is as individual, as you are. Thus, each skin reacts differently to the incorporation of new products, so that no fixed answer can be given here. However, you can start to see changes most likely from 2 to 6 weeks after starting with our products.
Our products do not contain substances that cannot be used by pregnant or nursing women. However, we recommend checking with your doctor. Also, we do not recommend using our ThePerfector Serum, as it contains Retinol – an ingredient, which is not advised to be used in higher concentrations for pregnant/nursing women.
We do not offer product samples, as with skincare, products should be used at least 4-6 weeks for a solid impression. Furthermore, for healthy and beautiful skin, it is the combinatios of products that make the difference – which is why we have created our intelligent algorithm, that composes the right skincare-set just for you! Crack TheCode now!
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Do you have questions regarding our products or a specific product request, please feel free to drop us an E-Mail at:

We can’t wait to hear from you!
Of course. Here you can get our gift vouchers for either a specific value or a TheSkinthusiast- or TheStarter-Set. So your loved one can go through our TheQuiz and get their individualized skincare-set right into their home – plus they get to experience the exciting TheCode Cosmetics journey themselves!
We at TheCode Cosmetics, have chosen to only use airless dispensers, primarily because of two reasons. 

First, airless dispensers are by far the most hygienic option as no air or especially other particles can enter your product.

Secondly, airless container prolong the efficacy of products, as no contact with air is possible. That way the precious active ingredients will not be lowered in its efficacy or disperse out of the product. 
Orders and Payments
After each successful order, you will receive an order confirmation sent to the e-mail address you have provided in the contact detail section of your order.

If you need help, please send us a message to
Usually, this is not possible anymore. However, please send us your request to and we will see, what we can do for you!
You can pay via PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Sofortüberweisung.
Shipping and returns
Your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days. Of course, you will get priority in the shipment before the regular orders after our official launch.

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