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Made in Germany

Made in Germany

TheCode Cosmetics

Did you know?

80% don't know which products their skin really needs.

Are you one of them and unsure which skincare products are right for you and how you should combine them to achieve maximum results?

Then take our quiz!

Our personalized approach with TheQuiz identifies your skin's individual needs to create your very own skincare-set. With your personalized routine and the best products for your skin, you can finally enjoy the skin you've always wanted.

You are more than just a skin type

Your personalized Skincare-Set:

1. is tailored to your skin type, your skincare goals & your lifestyle. 2. consists of product combinations that perfectly complement each other for maximum efficacy.

This unique approach allows you to achieve maximum results from your skin. Say bye to endless trial & error & finally get radiantly beautiful skin.
TheCode Cosmetics
TheCode Cosmetics

You and your skin are our priority!

Get exactly what you need.

Take advantage of the power of our personalized skincare solution that gives you everything you need and nothing you don't.

When configuring your personalized skincare set, our algorithm takes into account the individual conditions of your skin, your goals and your lifestyle.

Achieving your skincare goals is our mission!

How does TheCode work?

Fill in TheQuiz &

crack TheCode!

Complete our 3-minute interactive quiz. Our intelligent algorithm wants to know your personal skincare goals and analyzes the current state of your skin.

Our bestsellers - Skincare-Sets and single products

Personalized skincare sets and your favorite products


Personalized for you!

TheSkinthusiast-Set for your complete bespoke skincare routine and maximum results with 5 products.

€195.00instead of€273.00


Personalized for you!

TheStarter-Set for your bespoke skincare routine with 3 products. Perfectly suitable for all skincare-minimalists and beginners.

€119.00instead of€148.00

TheHydrator Serum

Hyaluron x SYN®-AKE

Hydrating hyaluron serum replenishes moisture content for visibly plump skin and an intense anti-aging effect.


TheJelly Cleanser

Electrolytes x Aloe Vera

Hydrating cleansing gel with electrolytes, caffeine and aloe vera juice to strengthen the skin barrier for a flawless complexion.


Your favorite product also as a single

You can also enjoy all TheCode products individually.

In our shop you can get your favorite product also as a single product. Our cleanical (clean + clinically-proven) formulations are highly effective and at the same time packed with plant-based active ingredients. For visible effects on your skin.

100% clean, vegan & cruelty-free

TheCode Cosmetics

the future of skincare

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